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Upcoming events

    • 01 May 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Join us for our May 2024 monthly Coaches Connect!

    The purpose of this group is to: build relationships, deepen coaching skills, create partnership opportunities, and give and receive support, and mentoring/guidance. Opportunity to connect, learn and thrive in the world of coaching and business development. Hope to see you there!

    Host/Facilitator Names and Bio’s

    Becky Tibbetts, PCC

    Becky Tibbetts: ICF-PCC and Mentor Coach, Specializing in Executive and Leadership development with a background in Human Resources and specialty in organizational operations, team development, conflict management etc.

    Connect with Becky on Linkedin

    Free for Members, $10.00 for Non-Members

    • 10 May 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

    Join us for our May 2024 Program: 

    Neuroscience & Coaching - Ask Me Anything!

    Presenter: Ann Betz

    Date: Friday, May 10th at 12:00 PM MT

    Join neuroscience and coaching expert Ann Betz for an "ask me anything" session on May 10. We'll explore the many "neuro-myths" abundant in our field and learn what's true and what's not from one of the thought leaders in the coaching world. Bring your questions and assumptions and of course, a curious and open mind.

    About the Presenter

    Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC, MNTC is the co-founder of BEabove Leadership and an international speaker and trainer on the intersection of neuroscience, coaching and human transformation.

    In 2011, Ann studied neuroscience at the graduate level, and using this fascinating research, in 2012 co-developed (and is senior leader for) BEabove Leadership's popular training program for advanced coaches: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching. This program has been offered in-person worldwide and is now available in an in-depth virtual format.

    Ann was a faculty member and served as the neuroscience consultant to The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) for many years. She provides neuroscience, leadership and coaching consulting to many other corporations and non-profits, including the International Coach Federation.

    A certified professional coach for 20 years, Ann is the author of a groundbreaking white paper on brain research and coaching. She contributes to Choice Magazine, Coaching at Work, Coaching World, the ICF and CTI's blogs, and other coaching and HR publications.

    Ann is the lead author of Integration, the power being Co-Active in work and life, an exploration of consciousness and the future (John Hunt Publishing, 2015), as well as a ground-breaking white paper on the neuroscience of the International Coach Federation coaching competencies. She is also a published poet, using her understanding of the brain and consciousness to bring to life the wonders of the human souk. Ann speaks internationally on neuroscience leadership and coaching (and occasionally poetry as well), and she excels at making the complexities of the brain come to life with depth, humor and simplicity.

    Ann lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her four (yes four!) highly entertaining cats.

    Read Ann's blog on the brain at and on poetry at

    • 13 May 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • 27

    Join us for this special program celebrating International Coaching Week

    Presenter: Marcia Reynolds

    Date: Monday, May 13th at 12:00 PM MT

    Let’s explore what makes coaching such a dynamic learning process and how you can ensure each session has the impact you desire. This presentation will focus first on how creative insights are sparked in the brain when coaching. The result creates a new awareness that leads to actions and an increase in the confidence to face what could be difficult. 

    Marcia Reynolds, author of the international bestsellers, Coach the Person, Not the Problem, and her latest, Breakthrough Coaching, will then share tips and tools so you can see the concepts in action. You will experience how to expand your competencies and achieve more meaningful experiences when coaching. There will be time to answer questions. After attending the event, you will receive access to a special webpage of videos, graphics, articles, and podcasts relating to her new book, Breakthrough Coaching. 

     Key Takeaways: 

    1. Define what makes coaching such a powerful learning technology that activates sustainable change. 

    2. Identify the essential coaching practices that create magical moments. 

    3. Explore how to use your energy to have more impact than your words.

    About the Presenter

    Dr. Marcia Reynolds, MCC, is fascinated by the brain, especially what enhances connection and possibility. She draws on her research to help people have more meaningful conversations. She has coached and trained leaders in 43 countries and is on the faculty of coaching schools in the US, Asia, and Eastern Europe. She created the popular Breakthrough Coaching series of programs, including the new Deep Dive into Mastery program just launched in March 2024. 

     As a pioneer in the coaching profession, she was a founding member and 5th global president of the ICF and was recognized in the ICF Global Circle of Distinction for her continual contributions to the global coaching community. 

    Marcia’s best-selling books Breakthrough Coaching; Coach the Person, Not the Problem; Outsmart Your Brain; The Discomfort Zone; and Wander Woman have been quoted in business and psychological publications worldwide. 

    Marcia holds a doctorate in organizational psychology and two master’s degrees in learning and communications. She is passionate about how coaching contributes to making the world a better place for all. Read more at

    Eligible for .5 Core Competencies and .5 Resource Development CCE Units

    • 15 May 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • 79

    Join us for this special program celebrating International Coaching Week

    Presenter: Jen Marr

    Date: Wednesday, May 15th at 12:00 PM MT

    Amidst a rampant mental health epidemic and quickly evolving workplace landscapes, there’s a new paradigm at play: creating supportive cultures of care and connectedness for more productive — and cohesive — teams. Mental health “is your responsibility” as a leader. For 68% of workers, it impacts their performance on a daily basis. 

    Incorporating her innovative, research-backed approach to transformational leadership, Jen Marr’s interactive presentation will focus on fostering the social/relational skills and connections that create and sustain a culture of care in the long term. 

    Questions to explore: 

    • Why a focus on “supportive care” as opposed before empathy, self-care, or resilience programs is critical?
    • What is the urgency in fostering cultures of supportive care and teaching leaders to show up in today’s workplace?
    • What is the result and return on investment on cultivating human care and connection in the workplace?
    • What is the framework and what some actionable steps leaders and organizations can take to develop this culture?

    About the Presenter

    Jen Marr is a Speaker, Founder, CEO and author of Showing Up. She has utilized her 30 years of experience in business, leadership development, and the healthcare industry to research, develop and offer solutions to our current mental health crisis. 

    Jen's groundbreaking, innovative work in mental health, crisis response, and social wellbeing brings a new perspective to a field currently dominated by self-care solutions and emotion-based training. She addresses the current Empathy to Action Gap through what she calls The Awkward Zone™. 

    Jen is a Top Voice in Leadership on LinkedIn and a member of the Forbes Business Council. Her movement is taking root in notable organizations including CVS Health, the White House Leadership Development, the US Office of Personnel Management, The National Suicide Lifeline, Georgetown University, HCA Healthcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, KPMG, Northeastern University, US Department of Labor, USAID, and The New York Office of Mental Health.

    Eligible for 1 Resource Development CCE Units

    • 20 May 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Starting May 20th, mark your calendars for the Quarterly High Country Huddle hosted by the ICF High Country Chapter. Every third Monday of the month at noon Mountain Time, join us for an inviting hour-long gathering designed for both new and existing members to come together in a relaxed setting.

    Whether you're dropping in for a social lunch break or staying for the entire hour, these huddles have no formal agenda—just an opportunity to chat and connect with fellow members. Led by our Marketing Chair, Hannah Waen, ACC, alongside a rotating lineup of guest board members, this event promises engaging conversation and networking opportunities.

    Ask questions, discover upcoming events, and explore the myriad opportunities ICF High Country offers while enjoying the company of fellow coaches. So, grab your favorite mug, brew a warm cup of coffee, and join us for a delightful session of camaraderie. We can't wait to huddle with you!

    Event Dates for 2024:

    • Monday, May 20th - 12 PM MT - 1 PM MT
    • Monday, August 19th - 12 PM MT - 1 PM MT
    • November 18th - 12 PM MT - 1 PM MT


    ICF High Country Marketing Chair, Hannah Waen, ACC

    • 14 Jun 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    Registration is closed

    Confident Conversations: How to Establish Your Expertise to Attract Ideal Paying Clients

    PresenterWendy Burge

    Date: Friday, June 14, 2024 at 12:00 PM MT

    1. Understand how to build authority and expertise that infuses trust with prospects.
    2. Best way to positioning value and sell outcomes with marketable offers.
    3. Learn how to qualify who makes an ideal client to increase success outcomes.

    Wendy has been helping coaches and consultants confidently communicate their work and the transformational value through strategic marketing and sales positioning plus packaging for impact and profit for 15 years. She currently hold a lead success coaching role for a business training program working with over 550+ high level consultants over the past 3 years. She has been a business owner for nearly 30 years as a service provider.

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